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Prepare to bathe in some of the wondrous new high frequency energies available. Fasten Your Seat belt and Expect transformation. I felt the sensation of energy filling through my feet and codes rushing through my legs.

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The sense of warmth in the room by the end of the weekend was something you wanted to bathe in. Star Magic is a true connection experience inside and out, allowing you to explore in and navigate the vibrant startling depths of the youniverse. Natalie Passant UK.

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The 3rd Eye is known as the seat of the soul. Its your gateway to a store house of knowledge, wisdom and extrasensory information. Once your 3rd eye is open and functioning at even a fraction of full capacity, you will open up a whole new world. The remaining balance must be paid by January 31st. The price includes accomodation, internal flights, breakfast and evening meals, entry to sacred sites and special private access to the pyramids, nile cruise plus on board accomodation, healing meditations, upgrades and planetary grid work opportunities… and more! Please contact: This will be like nothing you have ever experienced!

Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates on Jerry Sargeant and Star Magic Healing events. March 17 - March Light Code Activation As you journey through the sacred sites and high elevation areas with your Tribe, you will receive a number of very specific Light Code Activations. Day 2 Breakfast followed by a Tribe Meeting to go over the entire tour. Day 5 Flight from Cairo Airport to Sohag. Day 6 Sailing to Dendara. Day 9 Breakfast on Board. Day This Ascension Tour is for those that really want to connect, elevate their spiritual journey and unleash the Egyptian Magic which lies within your DNA.

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Special Access We have negotiated special access to the Well, the Queens and Kings Chamber to explore and go through a very special initiation. Are You Ready? Get ready for the ride. Details Start: March 17 End: March 31 Event Categories: I want a man when I want one and without all of the headaches of a relationship.

I want to have fun, feel special, and feel empowered. But, then I have to be able to independently tend to the rest of my life. I guess in a nutshell, I need to rent a man! Does such a thing even exist?! Would a man really come into and out of my life on my terms, as I need and want him?

I guess a girl can dream, right?

I was doing some research today, and am pleased to report that the very thing I am looking for does exist, in a big way. Plenty of other women are looking for the very same thing — a gratifying boyfriend experience with no strings attached. There is an agency called Cowboys 4 Angels where you can rent a man to be your companion for a date, a special event, a weekend, or any amount of time.

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This male escort agency exactly what I was looking for! Who knew my visions of this concept exist and, apparently, flourish in the real world?! From what I can see, Cowboys 4 Angels is the best. Their male escorts are dynamic men whose lives are dedicated to placing women at the center of their world. They are gorgeous, educated, and fit gentlemen who have traveled the world as models, athletes, and businessmen.

Count me in!

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OMG, I called the agency! I spoke to Garren James, the owner of the agency. He is the absolute sweetest guy and sounds pretty damn hot himself. That conversation set me at ease about this whole concept and set the tone for my date with one of his Cowboys. The plan is set. I want to spend time talking about the ways of the world with a man.

What is the date going to be like? Will it feel awkward? What will we talk about? According to his bio, Paul is passionate about getting involved in the community just like me.

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Whether successful in their career as a businessman, fitness coach, model or entrepreneur, our Cowboys are uniquely gifted with a variety of strengths and talents. Likewise, be prepared for plenty of laughter too. You can sit back and relax and feel appreciated, pampered and protected. You will feel empowered and in control, having the luxurious freedom to do something for yourself without having to justify it.

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You choose the man, the place, the situation and just sit back and let us take care of the rest. You truly get to have your cake and eat it too.

By this I mean, you get to live your real life, yet infuse parts that feel like a dream. You get to act like your real self while feeling like your ideal self. Your Cowboy experience allows you to create wonderful memories that you can carry with you long past the actual moment itself.

We pride ourselves on and have a lifelong goal to continuously make women happy. We want to be the boost in your confidence and the pep in your step. We want to be the reason you smile when a sweet memory crosses your mind out of the blue. Moreover, we want you to believe you deserve to be the center of attention — admired, pampered, and romanced — because you do. Every woman deserves to feel special, because you are. And our mission every day is to prove that.

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